Maximise your impact

Are you a committed and ambitious private equity investor looking to take your personal and professional development to the next level? Are you looking to transform your performance and wellbeing while unleashing your full potential? I can help.


I work with high performing individuals to enable them to thrive. Based on my own experience working in the private equity industry, I have designed a programme that supports senior private equity professionals excel in all areas of life.

Experiencing connection with another human being in a space of trust, commitment and vision is what motivates and inspires me. I’m constantly amazed by the exciting possibilities and profound breakthroughs that get created in these conversations.

In-depth knowledge

As a London Business School alumnus who has worked on private equity deals for over a decade, I relish the work I’ve done with leaders and management teams. I’ve helped them to overcome complex challenges and to achieve business growth.

Since leaving private equity, I’ve worked closely with some of the world’s best coaches and consultants, learning how to unlock the human potential to deliver valuable results efficiently and effectively.

From this wealth of experience, I now help high performing investors achieve greater success while making a permanent shift in their level of energy, productivity and satisfaction.

Working together

My work with clients begins where they most need support. I tailor my approach to help them find clarity of vision and the best way forward. This work is far more straightforward than many anticipate; all that’s required are a few small adjustments that ultimately pave the way for rapid and sustained progress.

Since I work with busy people, I pride myself on creating the maximum impact as efficiently as possible. Let’s talk.