About Thomas Woodland. Certified Transformational Life Coach. Transformational Leadership Coach.

For over a decade I worked in high-octane corporate environments. Sometimes I would find work and life effortless; I’d be in flow and at ease with whatever I was doing. But at other times I’d feel stressed, pressured and unsatisfied.


Whether I was doing the best work of my career or feeling uninspired and frazzled, I often attributed my moods and productivity to the deal I was on and the people I was working with. Believing that external factors and the world around me determined my performance, I was unable to unlock my potential consistently.


Motivated to find an answer to the high levels of stress and pressure I experienced, I researched the human mind and discovered a game changing understanding of how it works and how we can use it more effectively. 


After developing my knowledge of this with some of the world’s leading experts in business consulting and leadership development, something amazing happened. I naturally paid less attention to my worries and found a clarity of mind that allowed me to move forward with imagination, direction and purpose. I'd uncovered my mind's built-in design for success; a deeper level of intelligence and wellbeing that resides within us all.

The power of what I discovered inspired me to leave my 11-year career in consulting and private equity to launch my own consulting practice. My mission is to help businesses overcome long-standing business challenges, and to help leaders make rapid progress in their careers  and perform at their best more of the time.

I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to help clients achieve the results they're looking for. I'll work with them until they have what they want.


I have an MBA from London Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics from Newcastle University.


I am a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Advanced Transformative  Coach.