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Thomas Woodland Links and Bio. Transformaional Leadership Coach. Unleash your creative power.
CEO, Hedge Fund

"Thomas is incredible at what he does and his style is so compassionate and endearing. We quickly went from strangers to feeling comfortable discussing everything at a deep level. I couldn’t recommend working with him more highly as he will truly have a profound impact on how you perform and operate, he will transform your perspective on work and life for the better."

Director, Venture Capital

"I feel like a completely different person. As much as our work together has allowed me to feel a sense of joy at random times (something I never thought possible without something external) more importantly, it has made life look less scary and has allowed me to just show up and be me. What has surprised me is that I actually perform better as a result! I enjoy work and life more, don't take things so personally, and trust myself and my abilities, which again helps my performance."