Insights are fresh and creative ideas that enable us to make rapid progress in business. Simply, a leader or team that has high-quality insights will outperform the competition. 


My approach helps to solve leadership, business and organisation-wide challenges by multiplying the number of high-quality insights that individuals and teams are able to generate. Generally, my programs can be split into two phases:

1. Education Phase:

My programs begin with an education in the fundamental dynamics operating within every human mind. These dynamics are working away behind the scenes in every moment of everyday. They operate the same way regardless of race, gender, profession, personality, or genetics. They are Living Mechanics of the mind.


They are responsible for the way we see the world and experience life, including our business challenges and opportunities. They are the source of every new idea, creative solution, and business insight any individual or team ever has.

Understanding the Living Mechanics and the creative process that generates fresh thinking, new ideas, and transformational insights has enormous value for every person working in business. It accelerates learning and development, improves creativity and innovation, and allows us to be kinder, more open and caring individuals. In addition to improving top and bottom line performance, this elevates company culture and team spirit to remarkable levels.

2. Problem Solving Phase:

Once the education phase is completed, we'll look at your business challenge with a deeper understanding of the mind and how we can use it more efficiently and effectively. We'll find ourselves looking at your problem through fresh eyes. Your team will be able to address your business challenge with inquisitive and open minds, and will find inspiration and creative ideas easy to come by.


In this phase, we'll solve the specific business problem you're struggling with. I'll guide you through the process, ensuring that you and your team are using your minds in the most productive way possible.


As we work through your problem, you'll see the incredible practical benefits that understanding the Living Mechanics has for you and your team. Simply, the more clearly you see how the Living Mechanics work, the more high quality business insights you'll have, and the better your organisation will perform.

In addition to solving your current business problem, this understanding will allow you to use your minds to their full potential in day-to-day operations and when finding solutions to other challenges.


Understanding the Living Mechanics of the mind enables you tackle problems in an entirely different way to the way in which most individuals and businesses have been taught to tackle problems. 


My programs educate you on the mechanism and power of insight. Then, as we work through your problem, you'll develop a practical understanding of how this mechanism works in action. You'll learn how to use this natural ability to solve future business issues and operate at higher levels of creativity and innovation than you ever thought possible.

This is a fundamentally different approach to the approach taken by most consultants. Whereas the majority of consulting practices take your individual or organisational thinking as solid and correct, understanding the Living Mechanics reveals the part human thinking has innocently played in the construction of the issue you are struggling with.


You'll see how the human element impacts your business, and find the true source of the problem, allowing you to solve it at the level of root cause. This will dramatically increase the number of solutions available to you and your team.


Instead of seeing a world full of problems without solutions, you'll see a world full of opportunity and expansive possibility. As you unleash your capacity for insight and innovation, you'll be free to take advantage of the opportunities you see.


I'll do whatever it takes for you to achieve the results you're looking for. Whether you need additional education, guidance, coaching or consulting, I'll work with you until you have what you want.