Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Although your intellect is a wonderful gift and fantastic at what it does, your true source of progress and creation is the natural intelligence that lies beyond all of your existing ideas about what’s possible

Your inner genius

What if you have access to the same level of creativity and intelligence as Albert Einstein or Bill Gates? What if this flow of creativity and intelligence also brought a natural sense of enjoyment and engagement with whatever you do in the world? What if the only thing that prevents you from exploiting this astonishing creative power is a misunderstanding of how your mind works?

As you read these questions, what is your reaction to them?

(i) Accept them immediately without consideration

(ii) Reject them immediately without consideration

(iii) Take a moment, a day, or a week to be genuinely curious about the truth of them

If your reaction was either (i) or (ii) then you have unwittingly but predictably run into the greatest obstacle to your progress, creativity and high performance.

You have done this by evaluating these questions using your intellect.

The intellect – your internal filing system

The intellect – your brain – is a filing system for ideas. Imagine an actual filing cabinet or the documents folder on your computer. The documents in your internal filing system are actually concepts and beliefs about you, your life, and how life works. If you take a look, you’ll see that the intellect has the ability to search for these ideas and pull them out – sometimes consciously but often unconsciously.

The intellect is your internal filing system for old ideas and beliefs about you, your life, and the world

If you are anything like me, this is happening pretty constantly. You might refer to it as thinking.

What you probably don’t realise is that all of these ideas make up your own unique version of reality, including your personal identity. No other person in the world sees or experiences reality in the same way you do.

Like a physical filing cabinet can’t do anything other than store the documents that you have filed in it, your intellect has no power to either understand the filed documents or create new documents for itself. In other words, it has absolutely no capacity to have insights and realisations about any of the concepts and beliefs that it stores; and it cannot create any new ideas or perspectives about you, your life, your job, your relationships, or anything else.

Put simply, your intellect has never been and will never be the source of progress, creativity and high performance in your life. Although I understand that almost all of you will immediately and fundamentally disagree with this statement, this is exactly my point.

The true source of progress, creativity, and high performance in your life

The good news is that, although you've probably never noticed how it works, if you are reading this then I guarantee you have the true source of progress, creativity and high performance working within you.

For genuinely fresh creative ideas, you have to look beyond the intellect to the space before thought

Regardless of where a new idea or fresh perspective appears to come from, the only place from which something original and impactful arises is deep within the core of your own being. This is known as an in-sight; literally a sight from within. Or a real-isation; the instant you become fully aware of something as real. In this moment of real-isation, you suddenly see something as a fundamental truth of life. It makes the world look different and informs everything you do from that moment onwards.

You probably know this as an aha moment, or a lightbulb moment – a split second jolt of excitement that arrives with the most amazing feeling. What that feeling is telling you is that you have discovered something totally new. If you had already known it – if you already had it filed in your intellect – then there would be no aha. Make sense?

Aha moments, lightbulb moments, a split second jolt of excitement that arrives with the most amazing feeling

Aha moments are how you learned to walk, talk, read and write. In fact, they are the only way you learn to do anything at all. Without noticing, you are having mini aha moments all day every day. They develop into knowledge and skills that get stored in your internal filing cabinet (the intellect) ready for you to use any time you need. Cool, huh?

If your intellect is the documents folder on your computer, in-sight and real-isation are the equivalent of going online. Fortunately, like all modern-day computers, you and every other human being has the capability to go online and surf the web. In fact, you are surfing the web right now and your moment-to-moment bandwidth is being determined by your ever fluctuating state of mind. The clearer your state of mind, the higher your bandwidth.

The key to high levels of progress, creativity and performance is spending more time online at high bandwidths and less time sorting through the documents folder on your computer. This means more time looking in the direction of fresh perspectives and inspiring ideas, and less time cycling through your stale beliefs about you, your past, your life, and the world.

How do you achieve higher levels of progress, creativity and performance?

This may seem odd. In a world where there are techniques and strategies for everything from brushing your teeth to being more productive at work, there really is nothing you can do to achieve this apart from to be genuinely curious about where aha moments come from and what prevents you from having them more often.

The more you see about this, the more you will see about everything else in your life. In other words, the more you understand how your mind works, the more in-sights and real-isations you will have about your work, your relationships, and what truly makes you happy. It all happens naturally, because it is already happening; you are just opening up the taps and allowing the flow the increase.

To point you in the right direction, there is only one way that you obstruct this creative power from bringing you fresh perspectives and inspiring ideas – through the incessant mental activity that has become the norm in our society. Due to a misguided belief that your thinking is not only an objective view of the world, but is also deeply personal and extremely important, you are preventing yourself from seeing anything new about how your mind works and are constantly reinforcing this misunderstanding.

This belief is so prevalent that you have convinced yourself that when you are not achieving the results you want in life and things are not going your way, the answer is to do more thinking, more analysis, more judgment. This is the equivalent of having all of your documents and programs open on your computer and wondering why it’s making a horrible whirring sound, is overheating and keeps crashing. What’s more, if you are looking for the answer to a question you have never seen before, then searching through all of your old documents is a total waste of time and leaves you feeling totally burnt out.

Literally, you are looking in the wrong place.

Looking to your intellect for the answers to never seen before problems will leave you feeling stressed, worried and totally burnt out

As soon as you real-ise this it will no longer make sense to continue doing it. You will instinctively close all of the documents you have open, shut down all the programs, reboot the overheating computer, start your internet browser and go online.

Quite simply, going online is an inner space of openness, curiosity and reflection and it’s the most natural thing in the world. As soon as you notice you’re overheating, whirring and grinding, you will intuitively drop your ideas, put your opinions to one side, loosen the grip on your revved up mental activity and go surfing the web. The less tightly you hold onto your thinking, the more bandwidth you will have and the more you will see.

In this space of openness, curiosity and reflection your astonishing creative power naturally dissolves old patterns, makes problems look different, and carries a steady flow of fresh and inspiring ideas for you to work with. You are living in a brighter world with tremendous opportunities everywhere you look. This is the key to progress, creativity and high performance.

But remember, taking my word for it won’t do anything for you. That would just be another idea in the documents folder of your intellect. For it to make a real difference in your life, you’ll have to go online and real-ise it for yourself.