We’ll arrange a short introductory call to discover any problems or challenges you want to address, and what outcomes you'd like to achieve.


At the end of that introductory call, if I’m sure I can help you with what you want to accomplish, then I'll offer a time to have a more detailed conversation, either just the two of us or with any other relevant people from your organisation.

Please book your 30-minute introductory call using the button below.


If I'm sure I can help you achieve what you want, we'll agree on your specific outcomes. Once we’re clear on those, I’ll suggest a consulting format that will achieve them most effectively.

Whether you're an individual, a team or an organisation, the format will be tailored to you and your needs. That might mean a half-day together, a full day together, consecutive days together, a series of more targeted conversations, or a longer-term program that combines some or all of these components.

The key takeaway here should be that I will suggest what I believe is best for you. We can then have a conversation about how this will work in practice and, if necessary, make adjustments. I'm always open to any questions or concerns, so please tell me what’s on your mind.


If you're an individual leader, I want develop a connection with you and get an in-depth understanding of what your challenges, requirements and objectives are. 

If you’re a team or corporate entity, I’ll want to do the same by talking to the people I’ll be working with. This will help me understand them, your processes and the issues that you want to resolve. It will allow me to tailor the program to your needs.


I want to make sure I’m absolutely clear on what outcome would be a huge success so that I can deliver maximum value to you.


Whether we’re engaging in leadership development, a group program, or more extensive organisational work, our sessions can be performed either in person or over Zoom.


For one-on-one leadership development programs, unless otherwise requested, meetings will typically be conducted in Marylebone or over Zoom. I also offer individual and group immersions at locations outside of London. Any travel to corporate offices or private residences should be agreed up front.


So that you get the most out of your program, I ask three things of every person or organisation I work with:

  1. That you make yourself receptive, with a genuine desire to be impacted by this process

  2. That you stay engaged and turn up to every session, no matter how you think you're doing or how busy you are

  3. That you remain active in your work, so that you can see the direct impact of the consulting in your day-to-day operations