There is a widespread misunderstanding in humanity that our feelings and experiences are the result of the external events, situations and circumstances in our lives. In other words, that human experience works outside-in. Although rarely questioned and largely accepted across the globe for centuries, this is a false paradigm.


It's a myth so powerful that it has become ingrained into the way we see the world, how we behave, and the decisions we make. It's innocently perpetuated in much of modern psychology and in almost every piece of media we consume, from songs lyrics to newspapers. It's at the core of business inefficiency, psychological suffering, and interpersonal conflicts. When this myth looks real to you, you'll encounter the same problems again and again, and continually struggle to find solutions to them.

In truth, the human mind only works one way: inside-out. Our moment-to-moment thinking is the single source of our experience of reality. No matter where we are in the world and no matter what we're doing, we're living in the experience of our ever-fluctuating thinking. Take right now for example: in real time you're feeling your thinking and when it changes your experience will change with it. 


Our minds work like a movie production studio constantly creating  new scenes that look and feel incredibly real to us; a sensory experience so compelling that we totally miss how it's being created. Logically, this is the reason behind the full spectrum of experiences different people have of the same situation or incident.

As we realise the inside-out nature of experience more deeply, much of our stressful, insecure and unnecessary thinking effortlessly falls away. This not only leaves us with an altogether more enjoyable experience of life, but also uncovers newfound clarity that allows a flow new ideas to emerge. This creative power brings us insights perfectly formed for what we want to achieve or overcome. This is our mind's built-in design for success, creativity and results.

As a leader, this will enable you find fresh perspectives on your most pressing issues and achieve breakthrough results on tap. As a team or organisation, this will allow you to find extraordinary levels of team synergy, productivity, and innovation.


Similar to gravity, the Living Mechanics of the mind are invisible but incredibly powerful forces. Whether we understand them or not, they are inescapable facts of life and are constantly at work behind the scenes in every one of us.


Although we cannot see them, just as we can observe the impact gravity has on physical matter, we can observe the impact the Living Mechanics have on our experience, our behaviour, our work, and our relationships. 


The Living Mechanics have three basic implications:

  • Our perception and experience of life is being created from the inside-out by our moment-to-moment thinking 

  • We are always living in the feeling our thinking 

  • We can have fresh thinking, insights and realisations at any time

Understanding how our perception and experience of life is created from the inside-out has a profound effect on our productivity, receptivity, creativity, mental stability, and resilience. These qualities are fundamental to decisive leadership, team synergy, and  collaborative company culture. 

An education in this understanding will allow you and your people to operate with clarity and creativity. From this inner balance, people perform incredibly well and teams function harmoniously. Individuals are able to maintain a productive perspective, learn and develop rapidly, and make better business decisions. They also become far more enjoyable to work with.

In other words this understanding is vital for you to perform at your best. It enables your team to find synergy and allows you to address problems at their root cause, as opposed to how they appear on the surface.

As your team finds harmony, you can look at business challenges in a whole new way - with openness, impartiality, curiosity, high-spirits and cohesion. The results that this collective intelligence yields are reliable and remarkable.